360-degree video, have you tried that?

This may not a very new stuff. But I want share it now because I feel it’s very cool! Maybe the next hot after 3D? It would be a great benefit for my since I personally don’t like the hamlet for VR.

After watching some of those 360-degree videos, I think

  1. The quality is far from good, not even OK, no matter at what resolution. The deformation and stitch line can be easily perceived. Morevoer, suppose a video is stitched by six 2D videos, the bitrate of it need to be six times than that of the common video for delievery, which is a big challenge.
  2. Instead of mouse click and drag, I hope there is a better way to change the viewing angle, so that my hands can be free and closer to real experience!

Anyway, good job!


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